Say 'No' to Ag Gag Laws in Manitoba!

Manitoba is planning new laws to hide animal suffering and neglect in trucks transporting farmed animals to slaughter, and restrict peaceful protests outside of slaughterhouses. Bill 62, the Animal Diseases Amendment Act, is an ag gag law that is dangerous for farmed animals and may well violate Manitobans’ rights to free expression and peaceful assembly under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Bill 62 makes it an offence to “interact” with farmed animals, which could silence people who protest on public property outside of slaughterhouses and document poor conditions inside transport trucks. Compassionate people could be jailed for the simple act of providing food or water to a farmed animal without permission—even when that animal is showing clear signs of distress due to thirst, malnourishment, or heat stroke.

Please tell the government that we need more transparency and oversight to protect farmed animals—not a cruelty cover-up.

Tell Manitoba to Protect Animals Instead of Covering Up Cruelty in Transport

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