Ask the Canadian Government to Vote Against Federal Ag Gag Bill

A federal ag gag-style bill will soon be studied by the House of Commons Agriculture Committee. On its face, Bill C-205 looks like an attempt to prevent disease on farms, but don't be fooled—this dangerous bill targets animal advocates who go on farms without permission, but lets farmers off the hook for creating disease risks. Steep penalties include massive fines and even jail time for animal advocates, but not for farmers.

Animal advocates have never been responsible for a disease at a farm. Virtually all viral outbreaks are caused by poor biosecurity practices by farms themselves, or by exposure to wild animals carrying viruses. And the filthy, crowded factory farms in which most farmed animals are kept are the perfect breeding grounds for dangerous new zoonotic diseases.

Tell legislators to vote NO on Bill C-205, and to instead create binding farmed animal welfare laws and public inspections. 

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