End Ontario's Roadside Zoo Crisis

A kangaroo named Willow recently died after escaping from the notorious Papanack Zoo near Ottawa, and being injured in an apparent road accident. This is the second time an animal has been killed after escaping the zoo. In 2016, the zoo owners shot a tiger named Zeus who escaped from his enclosure.

In 2017, Animal Justice released disturbing hidden-camera footage from Papanack Zoo that showed staff admitting to beating a lion cub, baby animals who were torn from their mothers, and animals performing repetitive, stereotypic behaviours—a sign of serious psychological distress.

Ontario is the roadside zoo capital of Canada, due to weak laws and inadequate enforcement. Ontario is the only province in the country that doesn't required a license or permit required to open a zoo full of dangerous, exotic animals.

Public support for zoos is at an all-time low, because zoos can never meet the complex physical and emotional needs of wild animals.

Take action now! Ask the province of Ontario to close roadside zoos and end the misery that so many animals endure.

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