Tell Canada to End Dairy Farm Cruelty

Shocking new footage released by Animal Justice shows heart-wrenching animal abuse at Cedar Valley Farms, an organic dairy farm in Abbotsford, BC.
The disturbing video footage was sent to Animal Justice anonymously. It shows workers violently beating cows with canes and wrenches, newborn calves ripped away from their mothers, cows painfully limping and apparently emaciated, cows dragged by heavy machinery, and botched euthanasia—with cows shot in the head repeatedly, dying slowly over the course of many minutes.
Whether a farm is conventional or organic, animal suffering is systemic. Cows in the dairy industry are treated as mere money-making machines—not as the sentient and gentle beings that they are. To make matters worse, animal welfare is still almost entirely unregulated on farms, and there are no regular government inspections on farms to protect animals, either.
Please take urgent action today to ask the government to regulate and monitor farms, and to install cameras that can be live streamed to the internet so the public can see with their own eyes what happens behind the closed doors of Canadian farms.

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